For First-time Users of the SD Card Association Members Website

Please access our Getting Started guide, which displays the many opportunities and benefits for your organization with SDA membership.

The SD Association Website offers your company access to a variety of information; including the Specification Matrix, working group pages with access to all e-mail, documents, calendar events and e-voting.

This page will give you brief instructions on the following topics:

  • Updating Your Personal Information
  • Updating Your Company's Information
  • Updating and Managing Workgroup pages
  • How to Use the Specification Matrix

An Introduction to the SDA Members Site

The SDA Members Site has a great deal of features and benefits that each one of you will be able to take advantage of.

The following shows some of the greatest benefits of both the External public site and the internal members site:

External "Public" SD Association Website:

  • Same look and feel as the previous site to ensure ease of finding information through familiarity.
  • Greater visibility for your company through direct links to your company’s page from the SDA Website. (customizable by all Corp Admin’s to load to whatever company or product page you’d like)

SD Association Members Website:

  • Easier Communication tools help increase and track communications between SD Association member companies
  • Easier document tracking
  • Better visibility within existing working groups
  • Tracking of meeting minutes/calendars/action items, etc.
  • Most up-to-date company profiles
  • You control what information is visible and at what time you want to make it live on the site

Updating Your Personal Information

Click on the Portal button at the top of the page. This takes you into the applications. The Profile section is in the upper right where you can view/update all your personal contact information and change your password.

Updating Your Company's Information

Members of your company who are designated as Primary, Billing, Alternate or Corp Admin can update the information about your company that is displayed on the SD Association's Members site.

Go to the left navigation bar and select Portal. This takes you into the applications. Click bar (upper right portion of the screen). On this page you will see a choice of tasks to perform including managing your company roster, managing your company membership and editing company information.

  • To add new users to your company's account click “Add New Contact” and fill out the form with all required information.
  • You can also view/edit current users.

You can find out who your company contacts are by reviewing your company roster.

Updating and Managing Workgroup Pages

All members are able to view the SDA's workgroups by selecting Join a Group in the top navigation. Once there, you have a few choices to navigate the area and your groups successfully. These choices are described in more detail below:

Join a Group

  • In the top navigation you will see the selection “Join a Group”, click this link to see all groups you are currently subscribed to and groups that are still available to join.
  • There are buttons to filter the selections from Current WG Subscriptions and Unsubscribed WGs.
  • You may subscribe to all available SDA Committees, Work Groups and Technical Groups.


  • Use the Groups drop down to select any of the groups you’re subscribed to.
  • Once a group is selected, the dashboard filters to the content associated with that group.
  • You can view all documents, events, actions and messages that the group has chosen to share with its members.

How to Use the Specification Matrix

One of the benefits of being an SDA member is complete access to all completed and draft specifications. To view these documents, select the Specifications Matrix the left navigation. This will take you directly to all Specifications, the addendums, application notes and test specifications. Select on any file you wish to download or choose the main specification title to upload all applicable documents.


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